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Right now, nothing is more popular than an escape room. It’s a great activity for friends, families, and even coworkers and bosses.

If you want to write about a topic that people love and promote your own escape room, you need your own escape room blog. People are always looking for information about them and want to hear about other people’s experiences.

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Want to know what you need to do to have a successful escape room blog? Read on to learn more!

Five Tips For Creating An Awesome Escape Room Blog
Thanks to an abundance of free blogging platforms, making a blog is easy. But maintaining a blog people want to read is tough. You need to have the right mix of relevant and appealing content to attract the right readers.

If you want a popular escape room blog enthusiasts want to share, make sure you follow these 5 essential tips.

Find A Focus
Finding a focus for your blog can help make content creation simpler, and makes it easy to find the right target audience.

You know that you want to write a blog about escape rooms, but have you thought about the focus of your future blog? There a variety of things an escape room blog could focus on.

Your blog could be a review site where you talk about your own escape room experiences. Once it grows, you could even have readers submit their own reviews.

The escape room blog could focus on ways to build your own escape rooms. You could give people building and give them ideas about themes.

Your blog could even focus on tips for people about to go to an escape room. It could be full of tips and tricks on how to get through the room fast and get people to work as a team.

Present Content In Interesting Ways
There’s nothing wrong with a traditional long-form blog post. Sometimes the written word is the best way to express an idea or concept, but it isn’t the only way.

Be as creative as possible when you’re creating content for your escape room blog. The escape room focus on your blog gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative.

Document an escape room journey through video on your phone. In fact, you should consider live-streaming it on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Include plenty of pictures in whatever you post. Reading about an escape room may not be that fun, but seeing the action and the room itself can be.

Also, don’t feel like you can only do visual and written content. A podcast can easily be a part of your blog.

Instead of doing a traditional write-up or video recap, consider recording audio during your next escape room adventure. You can sync that with commentary you may have after the experience.

Take some time to really think about the best way to get the reader immersed in the escape room experience. Once you’ve figured that out, gaining and keeping readers should be simple.

Get Others Involved
We mentioned before that as your blog grows you could get content from other readers. Overall, we can’t recommend having reader-submitted content enough.

There’s no better way to advertise how great an escape room is than showing people enjoying it. Having honest experiences and reviews from people that have gone through the escape room is natural positive PR.

Having content written by readers shows that you value your reader’s opinions and thoughts. It also encourages people to keep reading and sharing the blog because their own content may be featured one day.

Make it easy for people to submit their own content by having a special form on your contact us page. You can have a file upload feature for people that already have written content, or you could have a text box for simple pitches.

Be sure the encourage readers to share their experiences in your comments section.

Comments sections are a great way to build a community on your blog. It’s a simple way to get people to contribute without having to ask them outright for content.

Also, don’t forget that your blog could help you make money. Product placement in escape rooms is popular, some of the people that want their products in escape rooms would pay to be featured on your blog.

Put Quality First
An escape room blog may be a niche topic, but there are going to be a lot of other bloggers out there covering the same topic. If you want to stand out among the others, you need to make sure you’re producing quality content.

Quality content includes posts that don’t have typos in them. The pictures featured have the right dimensions, the audio posted on the blog is clear, and the presentation is flawless.

Don’t spend time producing content that isn’t high quality. You won’t be able to keep readers, and you’re making a bad first impression to new readers.

Take time to edit your work after you produce it. Delaying a post to make sure it’s high quality is better than posting something that doesn’t look good or read well.

You finally know what you want your blog focus to be, and you have nearly two months worth of content ready to post. You’re ready to start blogging.

How do you let people know that you have a blog, or that you have content you’re ready to share?

It isn’t uncommon for bloggers to pour time and energy into their content, then realize that they don’t have an audience. People need to know about your blog so they can read it, that’s why you need a promotion strategy.

Make social media profiles for your blog and post whenever you have an update. Be sure to follow other escape room influencers, and comment on relevant content.

You may also want to consider doing some paid promotion in the beginning to get social followers that will turn into readers.

Next Steps
It can be easy to have a popular escape room blog if you go about it the right way. Once you find your niche, audience, and have a solid way to promote it, you’re on your way to being a blogging superstar.

If you want guidance on your blogging journey, we want to help. Contact us so we chat about the best ways to make your blog a success.

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